Pet Family - Family owned since 1968

Pets Corner started in 1968 and through its success other businesses were created or brought in to become part of the PetFamily. These businesses combine to offer the pet owner an unrivalled quality of services and products for pet owners. Please find out more about these special businesses by scrolling below.


PetFamily was formed out of the success of Pets Corner which started in 1968 and currently has over 150 stores in the United Kingdom. Pets Corner has an emphasis on quality of products sold by classroom trained staff.

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PetFamily created G&S after becoming exasperated at the lack of quality and performance in most basic pet accessories. G&S products are sold to Pets Corner and other discerning retailers in the UK and around the world.

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MORE Pet foods was developed by PetFamily’s in-house nutritionists to offer a class leading range of high meat content natural pet foods. MORE contains the same naturally preserved meat meal developed by PetFamily for Greenacres.

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PetFamily developed Greenacres for pet owners needing a 100% natural pet food. The meat meal used in Greenacres was specifically developed because most other meat meals used in pet foods (even ‘natural’ ones) contain preservatives.

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Ben Johnson’s Pet Practice joined the Pet Family in 2015 and is growing steadily as its reputation for excellence becomes well known. It partners Pets Corner at some locations and values the same ideals of quality and professionalism.

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The UK’s first natural grooming spas which can be found in many Pets Corner stores. Dogwood was started in 2016 and plans to open over 70 spas in the next few years.

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Doodley Dogs started by Amy & Jane Hatcher joined the Pets Family in 2014 and is gradually expanding its crèche network in the south of England. Doodley was the first dog crèche to provide pet owners with a clean, professional service guaranteeing complete transparency of operation.

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